Finally, Sharon Smith-Akinsanya, America’s Corporate Insider behind Million Dollar corporate deals reveals her secrets in her break out new book, Savvy Female Marketer™: How You Can Land Corporate Partnerships to Get Paid More and Work Less!
And, you can have it absolutely FREE!

As a female business owner—no matter what type of business you own—you have put a lot of time, effort, heartache, pain, and yes, money to get where you are today.

But are you where you want to be? Or are you working crazy hours, missing out on time with your family—missing out on life—because you’re so busy running the show, working toward that next paycheck?

Here’s what is most likely true in your business…

You are leaving money on the table and working harder than you need to. The good news is, this madness can stop right here. In Sharon’s new book Savvy Female Marketer™: How You Can Land Corporate Partnerships to Get Paid More and Work Less! She shares with you how to use the marketable assets you’ve developed as you’ve grown your business to build big-money partnerships with major corporations who have money to spend with female entrepreneurs just like you.

That’s right: your business processes, sales strategies, relationships, live events, books, speeches, courses, and more, are all in demand by large companies willing to write you a check to access your knowledge and skills. In her book she also tells you specifically how any female entrepreneur, regardless of industry, can land corporate partnerships and secure an additional stream of income that can double or triple their current business revenue.

She answers the burning question:

“What is the difference between the coveted Corporate Partnership and the more limited corporate sponsorship everyone else is trying to secure?”

(Hint: Most Corporations HATE one-off sponsorship pitches. They don’t even like that word)

Also in Sharon’s free book, you’ll discover:

  • How to identify your Ideal Corporate Partner -ICP™
  • How to find and structure your Big Idea to get the deal
  • How to make contact with the decision makers
  • How to follow through with flawless execution
  • The only four reasons why a corporation will ever write you a check
  • The 7-Step process to landing your corporate partnership!

What Kinds of Woman-Owned Small Businesses Are Bringing In New Revenue from Corporate Partnerships?

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Tonya Coleman
Owner & Creative Director
Soiree Event Design

Tonya Coleman

"Sharon's strategies and systems work! I've deposited at least $200,000 in brand new corporate money since I've begun consulting with and working with Sharon. In fact, one partnership occurs like clockwork every quarter to this day! It's like an ATM machine. This partnership brings in EXTRA recurring revenue each year and has been since 2005. It just keeps rolling in. No re-selling, just flawless execution every time.

But that's not even the best part. I only work on the project about 5 hours per quarter! Now that's how to Get Paid More & Work Less! And, just recently, I deposited nearly $10,000 in even more brand new money, as a result of working directly with Sharon and using her strategies."

Stacy Demer
Atomic K Productions

Stacie Demer

"Our small business, Atomic K Studios has secured $222,730 in new corporate money for my business directly as a result of my consulting with and working with Sharon. She understands our business value to corporate America and helps us position it in a way that resonates with corporate prospects. It's not easy, but it's simple. The key is proper planning, because it doesn't happen overnight.

Sharon taught us the importance of having coffee with prospects and how to network properly and as a result, those corporate clients just keep thinking of Atomic K when they need our services. In fact, over the past few months in we've deposited $8,980 directly as a result of our relationship with Sharon. So, whether it's one of her talks, a training program, or One-on-One consulting, if you have a chance, connect with Sharon on some level and inhale her strategies and systems. You won't be sorry."

Doreen Rainey
Radical Sucess Coach - Founder
RADICAL Success Institute

Doreen Rainey_140x300

"Sharon's knowledge of how to land corporate partnerships is incredible! She helped me bring in brand new money from Best Buy, a major corporate partner for my live event, Get Radical Women's Conference.

Figure out a way to connect with Sharon so you can bring new money in from this easy revenue stream. And if you're already dabbling into this income stream, she'll show you how to secure a larger share of the pot! "